Theme: Trafficking of Human Beings


Trafficking in human beings continues to claim victims all around the world. Organized crime, illegal migrant networks, the global economic crisis condemns the most vulnerable to human trafficking, and those are to be children, are to be women for prostitution networks, slave labour, begging and human organs trafficking, a reality that increasingly enters trough the borders of Europe and of the European Union, not always provided with organized fighting instruments.
The priority of this struggle has had echo in national and international criminal policy documents, but they are still not sufficient.

The purpose of this conference is to know the "state of the art" of this criminal phenomenon, how is it distinguishable or confused with the avalanche of migrants to Europe and which procedural instruments, practices and assessments can improve capacities of prosecutors in European judiciary. The aim is therefore to cross the order of emergence of the Criminal Law, in a process that goes from legitimacy to validity and finally to effectiveness and that is porous to transdisciplinarity.


The Conference will have presentations in panel format, with two or three speakers and a moderator/session facilitator, promoting the discussion of issues and covering the most relevant manifestations of the criminal phenomenon of trafficking in human beings.